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Professional Organizing
Cora Schlesinger
Specializing in Green Organizing

Ever feel like you're trapped? In a Jungle?

Need help? Ask Jungle Care!




All suggestions are DIY, but Jungle-Care would love to come help with your needs!

Initial phone interviews and 1/2 hour on-site consultations are free.

One goal of this website is to be informative, educational, and instructive.
It will be successful if any readers begin to incorporate green practices, cut back plastic use, detoxify homes and yards, conserve resources, and cut down on consumerism. And maybe even save money!

Jungle-Care Office: 804-285-2994      Cell: 804-248-8348  
Email: Organizing@Jungle-Care-RVA.com
Website: Jungle-Care-RVA.com

PHOTO: Garzicocha Lake, Rio Napo, Ecuador


*  Green organizing

*  Kitchen organizing and "kitchen coaching," for efficiency, water use, avoiding food waste,

      and healthy food preparation

*  Office organizing: Out of control mail, complex paperwork, financials, medical bills,


*  Consultation, cost savings under high deductible health plans.

*  Residential organizing: Main rooms, bedrooms, and other rooms, including re-staging

*  Cupboards and closets, including wardrobe consultation

*  One-on-one (or so): Third party teaching teens organization skills, room cleaning

         techniques, and neatness coaching

*  Miscellaneous​